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Check this guy out, he makes good stuff.


I launched my Hexels art commission page. So you can pay me 10$ to make a one-of-a-kind piece of Hexels art, done in my style, and get it in print-quality resolution along with a few wallpaper sizes.

Right now commissions are open and I’m ready to make some art.

If you’re interested then check out

If you’re new to my art, then I would suggest checking out to see what I’ve made

A Common Thead: Jeremy Penner


I’m Jeremy Penner, a 30-year-old programmer from rural Manitoba, currently living in Ottawa, ON in Canada. I’ve been making videogames more or less since I learned how to read. I founded Glorious Trainwrecks in 2007, started an online monthly 2-hour game jam called the Klik of the Month Klub, and organized the first Pirate Karts, where people are encouraged to make as many games as possible in a single weekend.

I play the guitar badly, the accordion atrociously, the piano fairly well, and I’m currently employed making audio tour apps for museums.


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